So, about this new home page.

If you have visited Fintel Library’s home page lately, and if you are reading this post, there’s a good chance you have, you will have noticed some changes.  In addition to the new chat function which allows you instant access to real live librarians no matter where you are, we have enhanced the Fintel Answers knowledge base interface to give you better access to a searchable repository of knowledge about Fintel Library’s resources, services, and policies. You may also have noticed that the search box has changed too. By streamlining the interface, you can get the information you need more quickly and with less hassle.

We made these changes while leaving popular links like our complete list of resources and the Reference Appointment form in their familiar places on the page. We figure that these links are working just fine where they are and saw no reason to move them.

But that’s not the best part; behind the scenes Fintel Library has implemented a new content management system powered by LibGuides, yes, the same LibGuides you are familiar with from the myriad class and subject guide pages compiled by library staff. This content management system allows us to have more seamless transitions between all of our online functions, searching, knowledge base, chat, this blog, and the rest of Fintel Library’s services. We hope you like the new look and find the page useful.


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