Welcome back- now get to work!

Are you refreshed and ready to get back to work? Good.

Do you have an EndNote account? No? Well, you need to get one. Now, before the semester gets away from you and citations slip your mind. EndNote can keep track of your citations from the Library’s databases, and you can use the EndNote Word Plug-in to plug your citations into your paper as you’re writing it.

What is EndNote? It is a reference management software package, used to manage bibliographies and references when writing essays and articles. EndNote requires a subscription to use it. Guess what? We have a subscription to EndNote.

How do you use it? First, you have to find it on the Library website by clicking the link for Complete List of Resources and then clicking the D-E category. Or click here.

Next, you will need to create your EndNote account. It’s very easy. Just use your Roanoke College email account.

Once you have your account, there are a few things you can do with EndNote. There are links to how to get started, and how to create a reference manually. You can also use EndNote through the Library’s homepage search box, also known as EDS. Here are the instructions on using EndNote with EDS:

Steps for using EndNote with EBSCO Discovery Service

  1. Create your own account at http://my.endnote.com
  2. Log-in to your EndNote account
  3. In another tab in the same browser, perform your search in the database of your choice (EBSCO)
  4. Add the desired citations to your folder
  5. Once you have your citations, go to the folder
  6. Select all
  7. Export, use the Direct Export to EndNote Web setting.
  8. Screen returns to EndNote
  9. On format tab in EndNote
    1. References = all
    2. Bibliographic Style = (there are a lot of choices)
    3. File = RTF is the most or .txt will be the easiest to incorporate into a Word document
    4. Save = downloads a file to your hard drive
    5. E-mail = sends file to mailbox
    6. Preview and Print = gives a pop-up

If you need assistance with EndNote, or any other Library resource, please find a Librarian and ask for help.


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