Vacation, all I’ve ever wanted…

While summer school is happening for some of us, summer vacations may be happening for others. And why not? You’ve worked hard all year; you deserve a break!

Summer vacations are yearly traditions for some people. And when you’re planning that vacation, one thing you may want to make sure you have is a guide for your destination. Frommer’s has been a go-to guide for travel plans in this librarian’s life, and now they have a great guide for those of us who are more digitally inclined. The iPad or iPhone Frommer’s Interactive Travel Guide is ideal for those of us who want up-to-date travel information delivered to our electronic devices. No need to keep up with that unwieldy map, or that tome of a travel guide. The Frommer’s Interactive Guides provide you with day-by-day itineraries, suggested venues, and photos that overlap your interactive maps.

And before you go thinking that you can find exactly what you need online for free, think again- this is more than a travel website with a GPS attached to it. Interactive travel guides offer in-depth analysis on travel destinations and can give the traveler more current and reliable information. It also comes with links to translation sites that can help with any language barriers.

So, go enjoy yourself and click your way to the best restaurants in Madrid, then head on over to Barcelona’s Boadas to see where Hemingway used to hang out.

Mancho. Vamos a hacerlo.

Enjoy your summer!


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