It’s Cycling Season

It’s Cycling Season!

With the imminent arrival of Spring, the RCycles bikes are ready for check-out. Fintel Library maintains a fleet of six Trek Belleville bicycles that may be checked out by Roanoke College Students, Faculty, and Staff. All you need is your RCID card.


The bikes may be checked out for three days at a time. You can ride anywhere you want. Have some adventures! Run an errand, ride to work,  go shopping, or check out the Greenway system along the Roanoke River. Ride Solutions offers lots of resources for bike commuters and cyclists in the greater Roanoke area.

All we ask is that you do three little things:

  1. Wear your helmet (we have some helmets available for check-out as well)
  2. Lock the bike when you are not riding. These are fairly expensive bikes, the replacement cost is $600, so please keep them secure.
  3. Return the bike on time. There’s a good chance someone else is waiting for a ride.

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