Creating an EBSCO account

Have you ever wondered if there is an easier way to keep up with your research items, such as ebooks and articles, without having to download or print them? Wonder no more, as EBSCO has a perfect tool for researchers who don’t have time (or hard-drive space) to keep up with all those research items. And it’s perfectly free!
Once you are in an EBSCO database, click on the link a the top right that reads “Sign In”.

When you click on the Sign In link, look for a link to the right that reads “Create a New Account”.

Once you’ve created your account, begin your research and select items for your folder.

You can create multiple folders to house items for specific research projects.

You can also share your folders with additional EBSCO users.

Items placed in your folder will remain there for at least 6 months.

Keep in mind that once you select items to be put in folders, you must use the direction links EBSCO provides to go back to your results. If you use the browser back and forward buttons to navigate you may risk losing items placed in your folder.

Also remember to sign-in to your account before you place items in a folder!

Enjoy your new EBSCO account. And Ask a Librarian if you have any questions.


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