New Streaming Music Trial

Fintel Library is pleased to announce that we are undergoing a trial of Music Online from Alexander Street press
With Music Online, Alexander Street Press aims to provide the most comprehensive database in streaming audio, video, reference, and scores on the web. Music Online allows users cross search all of the music databases published by Alexander Street Press. Music Online brings together on a single cross-searchable platform the entire suite of Alexander Street Press music products that your institution subscribes to. Music Online can potentially cross-search any combination of these databases:
• African American Music Reference
• American Song
• Classical Music Library
• Classical Music Reference Library
• Classical Scores Library
• Contemporary World Music
• Dance in Video
• The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music Online
• Jazz Music Library
• Opera in Video
• Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries
Music Online offers hundreds of thousands of audio recordings, growing monthly, plus 400,000 pages of scores, 100,000 pages of music reference, and over 500 hours of video. Every object in the collection is indexed for subjects, historical events, genres, people, cultural groups, places, time periods, ensembles. As a result, students and scholars can combine keyword and fielded search capabilities to frame creative and highly targeted queries. You can also select to view a single database by using the dropdown menu at the bottom of the homepage of Music Online.

Music Online: Listening:

American Song:
Classical Music Library:
Contemporary World Music:
Jazz Music Library:
Smithsonian Global Sound:
Our access is activated effective today and will expire on 12 February, 2012.

Additional help for this product is available from or contact your favorite librarian for more information.


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