Choice Reviews Online

Fintel Library now has a subscription to Choice Reviews Online. We have an unlimited number of users, but we still encourage users to get in the habit of logging out. Simply closing out of the browser does not do it for this version. Our timeout is now set for 15 minutes. So if there is no activity for 15 minutes, it will end that session and you will need to log back in. However, if a user does not log out, then the time has to run its course (15 minutes) for him to be out of the site.

This is the URL you need to access CRO:

We have campus wide access. You can use both Quick and Advanced Search and email reviews to colleagues. Users can search the database as far back as 1988! By visiting Current Issue, you can click on the Bibliographic Essay. Those that want to reap the benefits of customization, can Create their own Passwords by clicking where it says “Register here to Create a Profile”! They can then click on My Monthly Reviews and see what has been reviewed that is connected to their Profile. This is extremely beneficial to faculty.

By creating a password/profile, you have the option to receive the Monthly Newsletter. The newsletter displays the bib record of the titles that were reviewed matching your subject areas. A password also allows one to Save Searches and Make and Save Lists. You can change your Profile at any time by clicking on My Profile, selecting what you like, and clicking on the UPDATE My Profile button at the bottom of the page.

We now have login/logout links. Please look on the right side of the page for these links. If the Login to CRO link appears, you must click on it to use the site. If it does not appear, it means you’re able to go right on!

It is very important that you use the log out links. You need to click on the log out from my password link if you are in using a password AND the log out from CRO link. So, you need to log out two times if you are logged in with a username and password. If you are not using a password, you only need to click on the log out from CRO link. Simply closing out of the browser does not log you out.

We also suggest that each user read the “Top Tips for Using Choice Reviews Online”. In the “top tips” we recommend IE for your browser and explain that you must have your pop up blockers disabled to email, download, or print reviews! We have an FAQ which is located on the left panel of the page that may answer some of your questions. Also, check out Publisher’s Choice Online (PCO). You can read about it on our Home Page. PCO gives you the opportunity to browse through the full text of titles that have been reviewed by Choice.


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