Hi. Have we met? It’s just that I’ve seen you on campus, probably in the library, and I’m fairly certain that we’ve met before… oh! we’ve met in a library instruction session, haven’t we? Yes, that was me! You came to the library and I talked and talked about different databases you could use for your research and I even gave you a handout… oh, you’ve lost the handout? And it might be helpful for a class you have this semester? Well, you’re in luck, as the library now has LibGuides, which is a better way to use research guides than the old paper handout.

LibGuides can be created by librarians or your professors to assist you with research information. They are web-based, and are located on the Library’s website under the link Resources by Subject. Some LibGuides are on subjects, such as a Business Research Guide, while other LibGuides are very specific, such as an INQ110 Research Guide for Professor Brogan’s class. Other LibGuides are not on classes at all, such as the Citation Guide and a New Books list. But all LibGuides, regardless of class specific or library specific, can be found on our web page. Be sure to let us know what you think of our LibGuides by contacting the specific librarian associated with the LibGuide you are using, or just send an email here.


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