eBooks from EBSCO

Funny how time flies when you’re having fun! Fintel Library has so many new features to mention, but so little time to mention them before classes begin tomorrow! We’ve been so busy redesigning the website and adding information that we have yet to address one of the best parts of our collection: eBooks. Loads of eBooks. We have over 50,000 titles to pick from in our catalog. And with EBSCO adding new features to their eBooks’ design, everything you knew about eBooks last spring has changed this fall. Our website, our search screen, and our eBooks- it’s all brand new. And for those of you who have iPhones or iPads, you are really going to love the new eBooks.

One way to find our eBooks would be to do a basic search on our webpage. Type in the word “philosophy” and hit search, and you will have close to 4 million results. Scroll down to the left of the page, and you will see an option to search by “Source Types”. Select eBooks and click Update, and see how those results change. Now you’re looking at results that are eBooks with the keyword “philosophy” in the record.

Once you’ve seen a title you like and you would like to download the title, or “check out”, you first want to make sure you have an account with EBSCO. If you do not, then it’s completely free and easy to create. Even if you are not interested in downloading the eBook, we suggest you create an account with EBSCO, just in case you want to save articles in your folder, or keep track of a bibliography you are working on.

Now that you have your EBSCO account, and you have logged on, you can download the title you would like. Click on the Download (Offline) option. You may have to download some additional software in order to view the eBook, like ACSM File, or Adobe Acrobat. If you are on a computer in the library, please note that you will have to download the software every time you download a title- our computers are wiped clean after you log out. If you are on your own computer, or iPad, iPhone, or Kindle, then you will only have to download the software once.

Once you have surpassed the check-out period for your eBook, you will no longer have access to the file. But you can check it out (download) again if you need to, so don’t panic!

Any questions on eBooks? Call us, email us, or IM us at Fintel Library. We are here to help.


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